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Nikki Louder is a noise rock trio coming from Kamnik area, Slovenia, made up of Blaž Sever (vocals, guitar) and brothers Luka (drums) and Peter Cerar (bass, synth). Since the formation in 2007, the guys have been touring Europe and releasing records every two years – starting with debut album “Alain, I’m Sorry“ followed by “Our World Died Yesterday“ and “Golden Men“ (both for Moonlee Records). Received very positively by critics and audiences, Nikki Louder’s past discographic efforts showed their ability to deliver a different, yet consistent signature sound that progressed further with each new release and ultimately made them the most skilled band of the genre in the area.

“Trout“, Nikki Louder 4th full-length album, leaves the listener with a light sense of uneasiness for the first half of the album as music slowly evolves, creating spacious atmosphere of expectation before gaining momentum and sucking you into Nikki Louder’s messy and chaotic guitar/percussion interplay that they are known for. Sometime mid-record, things get more straightforward and vigorous – noisy, rhythmic wall-of-sound textures dominate the soundscape, complemented with carefully integrated feedback and dissonance of an untamed, screaming guitar that suddenly overwhelms the eardrums, only to start slowly fading away once again as the last track clocks in. Muffled, troubled, shouting vocals bring lyrical themes characteristic of Nikki Louder – a layer of bizarreness, a layer of social criticism, and another one about personal distresses left there just for good measure.

Origin: Slovenia
Genres: noise-rock / indie / post-punk
Years active: 2007 – present

Blaž Sever – vocals, guitar
Peter Cerar – bass, synth
Luka Cerar – drums

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HMRL038 “Trout” LP / CD / download | More details
HMRL032 “Golden Men” LP / CD / download | More details
HMRL022 “Our World Died Yesterday” LP+CD / download | More details