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Slovenian noise-rockers Nikki Louder are a prime example of a band that is so relentless and passionately addicted to what they do. And in combination with their undisputable musical qualities this is what earned them a place among the acts gladly supported by Moonlee Records.

After their highly praised debut “Alain, I’m Sorry” (2009) and sophomore album “Our World Died Yesterday” (2011), these three guys (Blaž Sever – guitar, vocals, Peter Cerar – bass and Luka Cerar – drums) never even thought about taking a break – last year their own small label named Rnka Rnka published a cassette EP of unreleased songs from the album, and the band also did numerous local shows spiced up with a small tour across the region, central Europe and even in UK. Given the tight time schedule, it’s really praiseworthy to see them so enthusiastic about writing new material.

It means Nikki Louder are back again with new, full-length album entitled “Golden Men”, which significantly differs from its predecessors. Sure, “Golden Men” can be loosely defined as post-punky instrument-slaughtering noise rock, elements of chaotic wall-of-sound textures are still present, and thundering rhythm section still forms thick and solid base over which noisy guitars and screaming vocals dance wildly. However, new Nikki Louder album sounds a bit more straightforward and less hermetic than before, the songs have a certain ethereal color and are somehow more concrete, and as such the album will probably be a step more digestible to those used to a more “classical” noise-rock approach. But don’t be mislead – “Golden Men” is by no means less heavy and intense, and this development of band’s sound only shows their ability to shift and mutate inside a frame that can be very restrictive for bands who aren’t dexterous and sophisticated as Nikki Louder are.

“Golden Men” was recorded live at Dom Kulture Kamnik during three days in December 2011 by Gredoč who also took care of the mixes. Carl Saff mastered the record, and Lucijan Prelog (It’s Everyone Else) did the cover art which the whole thing is packed into. “Golden Men” is released on CD and LP (each available separately this time) and as the free download through the collaboration of Moonlee Records and Založba Radio Študent. The official release date is set for April 17th 2013.

“Golden Men”, so similar, and yet so different than the previous albums, reminds us why we love Nikki Louder so much and gives a good perspective on how a band progresses smoothly and naturally when its members are packed with inexhaustible energy and creativity. For full experience we urge you to listen to this “gold” album as loud as possible!

Origin: Slovenia
Genres: noise-rock / indie / post-punk
Years active: 2007 – present

Blaž Sever – vocals, guitar
Peter Cerar – bass, synth
Luka Cerar – drums

offical site

HMRL032 “Golden Men” LP / CD / download | More details
HMRL022 “Our World Died Yesterday” LP+CD / download | More details