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Werefox announce new album! Watch video for ‘Triads’ now!

Werefox, an alternative rock four-piece from Slovenia, have shared the long-awaited video for the song “Triads” and announced the release of their sophomore album “Das Lied der Maschinen”, coming out on February 4th 2016 on Moonlee Records.

The band decided to take things into their own hands and shot the video themselves – directed and edited by bassist Manuel Hahn, who interwove the video with 3D animations by the renowned German 3D animation master Martin Ernst. Members of the band had their faces scanned by a 3D scanner and sent the textures to Martin, who used them in the animated part of the video. The video opens up by showing a pile of abandoned mannequins in a forgotten warehouse. However, not all mannequins are identical – amongst them, we can spot all four members of Werefox, with an ever-growing restlessness within…. The meaning behind the video is open to interpretation, but it is clear that it is a call for non-conformism, the awakening from passivity and breaking out of your own bounds.

Werefox is a band with a formidable musical background (Psycho-Path, Manul, kleemar, Sphericube, Lollobrigida) and gained recognition with their debut “I Am Memory” (God Bless This Mess Records, 2013). The band pumps its musical blood from various veins from the vast history of rock in a sexy yet murderous way and, according to critics, set new milestones in alternative rock.

“Das Lied der Maschinen” will be released on Thursday, February 4th 2016, backed up by a live performance at the MENT Ljubljana, taking place at the Komuna venue in Kino Šiška. The concert will be also broadcasted live by Radio Val 202. The new Werefox album is already available for pre-order at Moonlee Store – with each order you also get an album download (before the release date).

Werefox live:
04.02.2016 @ MENT Ljubljana – Kino Šiška, Ljubljana (SI)
27.02.2016 @ MC Pekarna, Maribor (SI)
05.03.2016 @ MIKK, Murska Sobota (SI)
15.04.2016 @ Lokalpatriot, Novo Mesto (SI)
22.04.2016 @ Jürjevo je, Sv. Jurij ob Ščavnici (SI)

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”Laži me, laži me” video by Bernays Propaganda

After three full-length albums, countless shows and tours Macedonian indie-post-punk activists Bernays Propaganda surprised everyone with their first (!) official video for song “Laži me, laži me”, announcing their new album “Politika”, which will be released on March 14th 2016 for slovenian record label Moonlee Records.

But already in early February Bernays Propaganda are back on stage, since they will perform on MENT Ljubljana, accompanied with some additional shows in Slovenia and Croatia. However, soon after new album release they are going on one-month long European tour entitled ”Politika”.

Bernays Propaganda’s rumble continue. And we dance with them….

Future Bernays Propaganda shows:
29.01.2016 @ Strumica, Scena 112 (MK)
04.02.2016 @ Ljubljana, Menza pri koritu – MENT Ljubljana (SI)
05.02.2016 @ Maribor, Gustaf – MARŠ obletnica (SI)
06.02.2016 @ Murska Sobota, MIKK (SI)
07.02.2016 @ Zabok, Zelena dvorana (HR)
25.03.2016 @ Skopje, MKC (MK)
26.03.2016 @ Skopje, MKC (MK)
14.04.2016 – 15.4.2016 @ “Politika” European tour

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Bernays Propaganda singing “Laži me, laži me”

In the period of kitschy christmas-newyear euphoria Macedonian danceable post-punk combo Bernays Propaganda, whose name directly refer to Edward L. Bernays, is singing “Laži me, laži me” (“Lie to me, lie to me”). That’s how first single from upcoming, fourth full-length album is called. Their new album “Politika” will be released on March 14th 2016 for slovenian independent record label Moonlee Records.

Single “Laži me, laži me” is available for streaming and free download at Moonlee Bandcamp profile, as well as on YouTube channel.

After hundreds of concerts, 3 albums and even a tour in USA, we can without a doubt say that Bernays Propaganda is one of the internationally most recognized bands from Macedonia. The danceable post-punk activists are a touring beast, which suffered line-up changes in late 2014, switched the drummer for a machine, and was reborn in summer 2015 with new line-up and new sound – shamelessly flirting with more electro-indie-pop influences. All this makes the excitement about new Bernays Propaganda album even bigger.

Quickly after album release Bernays Propaganda will depart on one-month long european tour in April and May. However, already in early February they will perform on MENT Ljubljana, international festival & conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, happening between 3rd – 5th February 2016.

Laži me, laži me…

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Nikki Louder released »Trout«

Slovenian noise-rock trio Nikki Louder just released »Trout«, their fourth full-length, available both on CD and LP format and also as free download, which is result of cooperation between Moonlee Records and Založbe Radia Študent.

»Trout« is already the fourth full-length album by this interesting Slovenian noise-rock trio, which keeps constantly progressing, reenvisioning and reinventing themselves while remaining true to the foundations they’ve built their sound around. Beginning of the album slowly evolves, creating spacious atmosphere of expectation before gaining momentum and sucking you into Nikki Louder‘s messy and chaotic guitar/percussion interplay that they are known for. Sometime mid-record, things get more straightforward and vigorous – noisy, rhythmic wall-of-sound textures dominate the soundscape, complemented with carefully integrated feedback and dissonance of an untamed, screaming guitar, and muffled, troubled, shouting vocals on the top of everything. Nikki Louder‘s new album is simply the beauty of noise.

Nikki Louder will promote new album with bunch of shows within the local region, but in mid-January they will also perform on Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in Groningen (NL) on Januray 13th and 14th and build a short tour around that.

Nikki Louder’s future shows:

18.12.2015 @ Kamnik, Dom kulture (SI)
12.1.2016 @ Schaffhausen, tbc (CH)
13.1.2016 @ Groningen, Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL)
14.1.2016 @ Groningen, Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL)
15.1.2016 @ DE, tba
22.1.2016 @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana (SI)

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Nikki Louder announcing their fourth full-length album »Trout«

Nikki Louder
, slovenian noise-rock trio, is announcing their fourth full-length album »Trout«, which will be released on December 15th 2015 in CD and LP format, as well as free download on Moonlee Records and Založbo Radia Študent.

To ease the waiting it is possible to stream and download the second single »Para Cargo« at Moonlee Bandcamp. The most impatient ones can already now pre-order the album in physical format through Moonlee webstore.

Nikki Louder will have »Trout« premiere on December 18th in Dom Kulture Kamnik, while release party in Ljubljana is set on January 22nd in Klub Gromka. Besides that Nikki Louder will also perform on Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in Groningen (NL) on January 13th and 14th, which will be accompanied with few additional shows through Europe.

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