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Xaxaxa have a new album – «Sami maži i ženi»

The restless Macedonian punk rockers known as Xaxaxa have a new album out!
It’s entitled «Sami Maži i Ženi» and will be released 8th September as a split release between Moonlee Records and Prügelprinz Records!

Although Xaxaxa have retained their signature, Revolution Summer-influenced sound, «Sami maži i ženi» sounds a bit different than before – slightly slower, more melancholic and definitely more melodic, a change in sound also influenced by the addition of Deni Krstev from Fonija on second guitar. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing record and possibly the best Xaxaxa album so far!

The album will be available on CD and 12“vinyl and as a free download on Bandcamp, as usual. Also, they’ll be embarking on a European tour these days, so check the dates and come see Xaxaxa if they play anywhere near you!

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Moonlee Booking!

Moonlee bookingIt’s no secret Mr. Moonlee became more active on booking field in last year or two, since it is no secret good shows are still the best method to sell more records, which also makes it possible to release more records in the long run. Things still have some logic in world of Mr. Moonlee.

And therefore it is also logical that we put up new page – Moonlee Booking – to presents Moonlee bands we book shows for. Check it out! And of course, get in touch if you want to book show for some of them in your hometown.

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Vlae Salep – first single off new Xaxaxa album

It’s perfect time to sit back, drink some ‘salep’ (google it) and listen to first single from new Xaxaxa album, entitled «Vlae Salep», which you can listen and download at Moonlee Bandcamp.

Third Xaxaxa album «Sami maži i ženi» will be out on September 8th 2014 on Moonlee Records and Prügelprinz Records on 12“ and CD. As usually, it will be followed by another European tour in September/October.

But already next week Xaxaxa and Bernays Propaganda will do mini-tour along the Adriatic coast.

Here are the dates:
31.07.2014 – Xaxaxa @ Attack, Zagreb – Monte Paradiso pre-party (HR)
01.08.2014 – Xaxaxa @ Monte Paradiso Fest, Pula (HR)
03.08.2014 – Bernays Propaganda @ Hangar Bar, Izola (SI)
05.08.2014 – Bernays Propaganda @ Super Uho fest, Šibenik (HR)
06.08.2014 – Bernays Propaganda @ Kapetanski, Zadar (HR)

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New XAXAXA album is due!

xaxaxa press 1
So, as you’ve probably guessed, XAXAXA have recorded a new album and it’ll be out sooner than you think!

On their new record, entitled «Sami maži i ženi», the songs are somewhat slower and more melancholic than usual, but the band are still loyal to their Revolution Summer meets Hüsker Dü sound. They’ve also recruited a new member – Fonija‘s Deni Krstev is on the second guitar now, making XAXAXA a four-piece.

Anyway, «Sami maži i ženi» will be out in September 2014 on Moonlee Records and Prügelprinz Records on 12“ and CD. As usual, XAXAXA will also do a European tour in September/October, but more information will be provided timely, so keep watching this space.

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Moonleejada 2014 – celebrating the 10th anniversary of Moonlee Records

This year, Mr. Moonlee is marking the 10th anniversary of Moonlee Records.

To be honest, we never expected all this to happen. However, being surrounded by great bands and inspiring music, the only reasonable thing was to keep on. In 2014, we are still here and excited about the future! Thanks to all the bands, »little helpers«, co-labels, journalists & media, promoters, fans and everyone else interested and supportive of what Moonlee Records is doing. We appreciate it.

This special occasion will be celebrated on Saturday, June 28th 2014 at the Moonleejada 2014 festival at Gala Hala in Ljubljana. Repetitor, Debeli Precjednik, Lunar, TRUS! & kleemar will share the stage and invade your ears, whilst the special guests, DJ/VJ Samo Sloga Sound System, will take care of the afterparty.

As always with Moonleejada, it will be an awesome show and a hell of a party, and you’re all invited!

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