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MAJMOON na balkanski turneji

Majmoon tour
Avantgardni post-rock avdiovizualni kolektiv Majmoon iz Munchena se ponovno odpravlja na turnejo po Balkanu v okviru katere bo med 11. – 18. aprilom 2015 obiskal Slovenijo, Hrvaško, BiH in Srbijo.

Majmoon že 11 let raziskuje možnosti eksperimentalnega post-rocka v formi avdiovizualne interakcije. Tisti, ki bolje poznajo njihovo ustvarjalno moč smatrajo Majmoon za umetniški projekt in ne le še eden od preštevilnih bendov. V dobrem desetletju je Majmoon z glasbo opremil večje število filmskih projektov, hkrati pa izdal tudi 6 albumov, med katerimi velja izpostaviti zlasti dolgometražec »Procedure in a Case of Breakdown« (bluNoise, 2012) ter jubilarno CD/DVD izdajo ob desetletnici zasedbe »Ten years of Riot and Thinking Of You..« (bluNoise, 2013). Njihova glasba se definira kot avdiovizualna harmonija trancea, rocka, noisa in avdiokaosa.

Datumi turneje:
11.04.2015 @ Beltinci, Ambasada ŠKM (SI)
12.04.2015 @ Bistrica Ob Sotli, Klub Metulj (SI)
13.04.2015 @ Zagreb, Attack (HR)
14.04.2015 @ Banja Luka, DKC Incel (BA)
15.04.2015 @ Beograd, KC Grad (RS)
16.04.2015 @ Niš, Feedback – Stone upon Stone Festival (RS)
17.04.2015 @ Novi Sad, KC Utopia (RS)
18.04.2015 @ Ljubljana, Menza pri koritu (SI)
22.04.2015 @ Unterdeck, München (DE)

FB event turneje

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Vlasta Popić touring Balkans

Croatian post-punk trio Vlasta Popić started another tour through Balkans, on which they will perform in Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Hungary. On tour Vlasta Popić will promote their new album »Kvadrat«, which was released on Moonlee Records in January 2015.

Musically Vlasta Popić may be related to quite a few artists such as Repetitor, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Šarlo Akrobata, Nikki Louder, or even a bit of Bernays Propaganda and Karate. In any case, Vlasta Popić offers a nice mixture of genres that should satisfy a lot of broad and demanding musical tastes.

Tour dates:
01.04.2015 @ MKC Kombinat, Zemun (RS)
02.04.2015 @ Kragujevac, SKC (RS)
03.04.2015 @ Niš, Feedback (RS)
04.04.2015 @ Plovdiv, Petnoto (BG)
06.04.2015 @ Kurdžali, Stage (BG)
08.04.2015 @ Istanbul, Arkaoda (TU)
09.04.2015 @ Varna, Usmivka (BG)
10.04.2015 @ Bukurešt, Underworld (RO)
11.04.2015 @ Cluj-Napoca, Yamaodori (RO)
12.04.2015 @ Szeged, TBA (HU)

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Repetitor on european tour – from the Balkan to the Baltics

Repetitor on tour
Serbian post-punk trio Repetitor is back on the road, heading far north-east to their final destination Tallinn Music Week in Estonia. On their way back home three concerts will happen in Brno (CZ), Brezno (SK) and Banská Bystrica (SK) as a part of the programme Pohoda in the Clubs. Repetitor is undoubtedly one of the most prominent young bands from the Balkans and perform as highly-energetic live band, so grab the chance to see them on stage if you live nearby!

Tour dates:
23.3.2015 @ Szeged, Live Music Club (HU)
24.3.2015 @ Krakow, Klub Re (PL)
25.3.2015 @ Vilnius, XI20 (LT)
26.3.2015 @ Riga, Depo (LV)
27.3.2015 @ Tallinn Music Week, Sinilind / A (EE)
28.3.2015 @ Tallinn Music Week, SFÄÄR Outlet (EE)
30.3.2015 @ PL/LT – searching for a show – help needed
31.3.2015 @ Brezno, Bombura (SK) – Pohoda in Clubs
1.4.2015 @ Banska Bystrica, Zahrada (SK) – Pohoda in Clubs
2.4.2015 @ Brno, Cabinet Muz (CZ) – Pohoda in Clubs
3.4.2015 @ Prague, Klubarna (CZ)
4.4.2015 @ Vöcklabruck, OKH (AT)
5.4.2015 @ Wolfsberg, Container 25 (AT)

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New album by Vlasta Popić – Kvadrat

Vlasta Popić
Psychadelic post-punk trio Vlasta Popić released its second full-length album »Kvadrat« today, on 28th January 2015, for Moonlee Records. It is released in CD format as well as free download via Bandcamp. 12“ vinyl will come out in March 2015 as a coproduction between Moonlee Records, Numavi Records from Austria and Vox Project from France.

Second album by croatian trio Vlasta Popić brings more of their beloved signature indie-punk-noise-nowave-pop expression, but this time with a darker, more sinister edge to it. The record sounds more ambitious, thought-out and coherent compared to the earlier release, and it does so by utilizing much dirtier, distorted and noisier playing and production. The combined female/male singalongs and shouts add true energy to occasionally melodic, oftentimes jangly atmosphere created by the underlying instrumental psychedelia. As far as similarities and influences go, “Kvadrat” may be related to quite a few artists such as Repetitor, Fugazi, Shellac, Nikki Louder, etc.

Live promotion of new Vlasta Popić album will happen on Thursday, 5th February 2015 in Gromka in Ljubljana, as a part of MENT Ljubljana – showcase festival & conference (4th-6th February 2015). It will be followed by bunch of shows in Slovenia & Croatia and Balkan tour in April:

5.2.2015 @ Ljubljana, Gromka – MENT Ljubljana (SI)
12.2.2015 @ Maribor, Gustaf – MARŠ 25 (SI)
20.2.2015 @ Murska Sobota, MIKK (SI)
21.2.2015 @ Kranj, Trainstation Squat (SI)
28.2.2015 @ Koprivnica, Kooglana (HR)
13.3.2015 @ Zagreb,Tvornica Kulture (HR)
27.3.2015 @ Varaždin, Green Bay (HR)
4.4.2015 @ Plovdiv, Petnoto (BG)
8.4.2015 @ Istanbul, Arkaoda (TR)
10.4.2015 @ Bucharest, Underworld (RO)
7.6.2015 @ Skopje, tba (MK)
10.7.2015 @ Bažant Pohoda Festival, Trenčin (SK)

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“Ako nisam dobra” – new single from Vlasta Popić

End of the year is too often full of questioning about the passing year. Instead of moralising, Slovenian independent label Moonlee Records rather offers you first single »Ako nisam dobra« (And If I’m Not Good) from Croatian post-punk trio Vlasta Popić, whose new album »Kvadrat« will be released late January 2015. You can listen to loudy and noisy »Ako nisam dobra« on Moonlee Bandcamp profile, where it is available also for free download.

New album by Vlasta Popić entitled «Kvadrat» will be released late January 2015 on Moonlee Records as CD and 12“ vinyl, as well as free download via Bandcamp. Vinyl will be released in coproduction with Numavi Records (Austria) and Vox Project (France).

Christmas-newyear’s period is supposed to be the gifting time. But what if one wasn’t good enough throughout the year and didn’t deserve the gifts? F**k it, listen to »Ako nisam dobra«, given away by Moonlee Records, and bravely jump into 2015. Cheers!

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