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New XAXAXA album is due!

xaxaxa press 1
So, as you’ve probably guessed, XAXAXA have recorded a new album and it’ll be out sooner than you think!

On their new record, entitled «Sami maži i ženi», the songs are somewhat slower and more melancholic than usual, but the band are still loyal to their Revolution Summer meets Hüsker Dü sound. They’ve also recruited a new member – Fonija‘s Deni Krstev is on the second guitar now, making XAXAXA a four-piece.

Anyway, «Sami maži i ženi» will be out in September 2014 on Moonlee Records and Prügelprinz Records on 12“ and CD. As usual, XAXAXA will also do a European tour in September/October, but more information will be provided timely, so keep watching this space.

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Moonleejada 2014 – celebrating the 10th anniversary of Moonlee Records

This year, Mr. Moonlee is marking the 10th anniversary of Moonlee Records.

To be honest, we never expected all this to happen. However, being surrounded by great bands and inspiring music, the only reasonable thing was to keep on. In 2014, we are still here and excited about the future! Thanks to all the bands, »little helpers«, co-labels, journalists & media, promoters, fans and everyone else interested and supportive of what Moonlee Records is doing. We appreciate it.

This special occasion will be celebrated on Saturday, June 28th 2014 at the Moonleejada 2014 festival at Gala Hala in Ljubljana. Repetitor, Debeli Precjednik, Lunar, TRUS! & kleemar will share the stage and invade your ears, whilst the special guests, DJ/VJ Samo Sloga Sound System, will take care of the afterparty.

As always with Moonleejada, it will be an awesome show and a hell of a party, and you’re all invited!

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Bernays Propaganda on US tour!

We will keep it short and simple, since the dates below speak the best for themselves. Bernays Propaganda are restless. And they are back in the van for their first US tour. Impressive 44 shows in 44 days. Bernays Propaganda will share the van with folk-punks Ghost Mice and indy-pop-punks High Dive. Check them out if you have a chance.

Bernays Propaganda & Ghost Mice
07.04.2014 @ The Hose, NYC
08.04.2014 @ The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ
09.04.2014 @ Freedom 52, Philadelphia, PA
10.04.2014 @ Washington, DC
11.04.2014 @ Baltimore, MD
12.04.2014 @ 1300 Bainbridge St, Richmond, VA
13.04.2014 @ 2615 Farthing St, Durham, NC
14.04.2014 @ The Additorium, Asheville, NC
15.04.2014 @ Garaj Mahal, Greenville, SC
16.04.2014 @ Area 15, Charlotte, NC
17.04.2014 @ Savannah, GA
18.04.2014 @ Rain Dogs, Jacksonville, FL
19.04.2014 @ Shanghai Nobby’s, St. Augustine, FL
20.04.2014 @ The Space, Orlando, FL
21.04.2014 @ Epic Problem, Tampa, FL
22.04.2014 @ The CMC, Gainesville, FL
23.04.2014 @ WonderRoot, Atlanta, GA
24.04.2014 @ Sluggo’s North Vegetarian cafe, Chattanooga, TN
25.04.2014 @ Bloomington, IN
26.04.2014 @ live on WFHB radio
27.04.2014 @ The Black Sheep Cafe, Springfield, IL
28.04.2014 @ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, St. Louis, MO
29.04.2014 @ Peste De Merde, Columbia, MO
30.04.2014 @ Kansas City, MO
01.05.2014 @ Public Space One, Iowa City, IA
02.05.2014 @ Galesburg, IL
03.05.2014 @ The Seventh Street Space, Dekalb, IL
04.05.2014 @ The Free Space, Milwaukee, WI
05.05.2014 @ Chicago, IL
06.05.2014 @ The House of Pancakes, Grand Rapids, MI
07.05.2014 @ Kalamazoo, MI
08.05.2014 @ Grumpton Manor, Ann Arbor, MI
09.05.2014 @ Indianapolis, IN
10.05.2014 @ Rhino’s All Ages, Bloomington, IN

Bernays Propaganda & High Dive
11.05.2014 @ Nashville, TN
12.05.2014 @ Rake’s End, Cincinnati, OH
13.05.2014 @ Athens, PA
14.05.2014 @ Detroit, MI
15.05.2014 @ Cleveland, OH
16.05.2014 @ Pittsburgh, PA
17.05.2014 @ Collective A Go Go, Worcester, MA
18.05.2014 @ Boston, MA
19.05.2014 @ NYC

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Support Saša Relić – Reljo

ReljoSome of you probably know Saša Relić – Reljo as a member of Storms, Don’t Mess With Texas and Lunar, but first and foremost, he is a friend of many. A good one. And he could use some help.

In early 2014, Saša suffered a severe stroke. He’s currently in therapy and recovering well, but still has a long way to go, and the medical costs just keep increasing.

Since we at Moonlee also want to help ease our friend’s ordeal, we’ve decided that from now on, all the proceeds from Storms and DMWT record and merch sales will go to Saša. This is where you step in. If you want to contribute, do some shopping here and here. If you buy some Storms or DMWT albums from our Bandcamp page, all of the money will go to Saša as well.

Also, there’ll be a benefit show for Saša on 12th April – try not to miss it if you find yourself near Zagreb. The lineup is stellar and more info is available on the event page.

Support this great guy on his road to recovery! Thanx!


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TRUS! delivered Seven Words in a video

The Slovene multi-genre trio TRUS! launched a video for “Seven Words”, a song off their new album, “Banana split”. The video was made in cooperation with AVA – Academy of Visual Arts Ljubljana and you can view it here.

At the beginning of 2013 TRUS! were still searching for the right sound, which they eventually found and recorded on their debut, “First Step” (Moonlee Records, ZARŠ). By the time their sophomore record, “Banana split” (Moonlee Records, God Bless This Mess Records, 2013) was out that same year, they were already lauded as one of the most pleasant surprises in the Slovenian independent music scene, as both records got a lot of praise from music critics and fans.

The video for song “Seven Words” proves that TRUS!‘s exploration of musical and social curiosities won’t stop in 2014!

This time, they’ve embarked on a search for solitude and emptiness and wrote “Seven Words”, in which Jelena’s voice subtly intertwines with keyboard tunes and free jazz-like drum acrobatics, oscillating wildly between playful and tranquil parts. Altough it’s gentle and uplifting upon first listen, »Seven Words« is actually inspired by an urban myth about seven words that should be said to tollbooth attendants, in order to cheer them up, prevent the depression and discourage them from suicide. Alongside the presentation of the video, TRUS! actually are starting a campaign of cheering tollbooth attendants up and they’re inviting all their fans to join! Altough the problem may seem marginal, it seems to us that rain feels more gentle and sounds nicer with »Seven Words«.

The video was produced by AVA – Akademija za vizualne umetnosti from Ljubljana (Academy of Visual Arts Ljubljana), where it was made by Pepi Sekulich (directing and camera) and Matija Jakin (editing and post-production), continuing the collaboration started at Klubski maraton Radia Študent 2012, which was also the first time TRUS! presented themselves to the public.

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