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XAXAXA (HAHAHA in cyrillic alphabet) is an offshoot of Bernays Propaganda, most likely one of the first names that come to mind when music scene of their hometown Skopje in Macedonia is mentioned. And this certainly means that XAXAXA retained a good portion of qualities they’re renowned for.

XAXAXA’s debut album Tango Revolucioner was co-released last spring by Moonlee Records and a few other labels and, needless to say, swept away the club and festival audiences and critics from all over the Europe where they promoted the album, usually as the opening act for Bernays Propaganda. This also allowed them to work on new material faster and with constant devotion, while road-testing new ideas where it matters the most – in live environment, onstage.

Restless, hyperactive and fast-paced as Vasko Atanasoski, Nenad Trifunovski and Dzano Kuc are, they managed to assemble 10 new songs that constitute XAXAXA‘s sophomore release Siromašni i bogati (“The poor and the rich”), a true successor to band’s first album. Like father, like son – the moment you look at and start listening to the new album, you will notice numerous similarities with their previous release. XAXAXA transferred all of its aspects to Siromašni i bogati – minimalist cover art, recognizable Hüsker Dü / Dag Nasty / Wipers / Rites of Spring influenced sound (albeit somewhat progressed and carried out with a slightly different approach in comparison to Tango Revolucioner), and lyrics sung in Macedonian with recurring themes addressing unfair differences between people, imposed social norms, and carelessness of those who hold the power. English translation is there again for those of you who can’t understand the lyrics, although the sheer energy and sincerity that XAXAXA delivers should be enough to convey their message. After all, the key to complete understanding of this band lies in their undisguised ability to make the listener fully aware of feelings they held on to while writing the songs. Allow XAXAXA to take you there once again, regardless of all the seeming differences.

Siromašni i bogati was completely recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by band’s bass player Nenad Trifunovski between May and June 2012. Cover design was handled by the band itself and Fitz aka Feetz. Album will once again be published by Moonlee Records in cooperation with other labels – Napravi Zaedno (band’s own label, MK), Pruegelprinz Records (DE), DHP AK47 (HR) and Gaphals (SE). It will be available on LP, CD and as free download. The release date is set for September 8th – a day celebrated by Macedonians as the Independence Day.

If you liked XAXAXA‘s debut album, there’s absolutely no reason why a copy of Siromašni i bogati shouldn’t occupy your record/CD/media player for a while. And if this is your first encounter with the band, chances are you’ll get to like them very soon. Whatever the case, remember to play it loud!

Origin: Macedonia
Genres: punkrock / post-punk / indie
Years active:2009 – present

Vasko Atanasoski – guitar, vocals
Nenad Trifunovski – bass
Deni Krstev – guitar
Dzano Kuch – drums


HMRL023 “Tango Revolucioner” LP / CD / download | More details
HMRL027 “Siromašni i bogati” LP / CD / download | More details
HMRL035 “Sami Maži I Ženi” LP / CD / download | More details