Although based in Zagreb, Croatia and rooted in punk rock ethos, Analena as a band was willing and determined to shatter many boundaries from the very beginning in the fall of 1997. It is symbolic that members of the band come from two countries, Croatia and Slovenia, and it comes as no surprise that during all these years neither listeners nor critics were able to strictly define and label their sound. In the case of this band, one man's hardcore is another man's noise is another man's punk. Diverse but steady, from bittersweet melodies and blistering hooks to pummeling and aggressive rhythms, Analena covers all the bases.

Besides playing hundreds of shows all over Europe, Analena had also released "Arhythmetics" (Get Off Records) and "It's Never Too Late To Split Up", a split release with Sensual Love (Get Off Records, Interstellar Records). Their last two albums "Carbon Based" (2004) and "Inconstantinopolis" (2009), which were both released by their own label Moonlee Records, is a statement by a smart and mature band, an honest expression of determination and passion in full force.

Upcoming shows

  • 15.09.2017 @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana (SI)

Analena - Inconstantinopolis


Analena - Carbon Based

Carbon Based


Croatia, Slovenia


Postpunk, screamo, alternative

Years active

1997 - present


  • Ana Franjić - vocals, bass
  • Miodrag Gladović - guitar, back vocals
  • Miran Rusjan - guitar, back vocals
  • Dubravko Dragojević - drums