Moveknowledgement with a new animated video Golden Glaze

Moveknowledgement, the elders of Slovenian alternative music, present a new music video for the song Golden Glaze from their latest album 'Lying Cobra' (Moonlee Records, 2022). The animated video was made by Lučka Kenda.

The author describes the initial idea for the video: "When I first heard the song, I was on vacation. It was a hot summer day. I closed my eyes and from one sun emerged two suns, then three suns ... they spun in circles, until my eyelashes turned them into beams of light." The result is a calming and melancholic animation that beautifully complements the ambiental and dreamy song Golden Glaze. Meditative.

Moveknowledgement is returning to the concert stages, as they will perform at Hangar Teatri in Trieste on Friday, April 12th.

Rane – new single and video by Lelee

Energetic Slovenian indie-rock band Lelee presents new single and music video Rane, released on Friday, March 15th 2024, on the Slovenian label Moonlee Records. The music video was made by Bosnian photographer Edin Suljić.

Rane is an anthemic song in the distinctive Lelee style, characterized by tiki-taka passes between interwoven vocal melodies and colorful instrumental solos. The song draws you into a whirlwind of tenderly resonant and painful love musings, culminating into an unbreakable feeling where 'nothing hurts me anymore'. A beautiful and chatartic sonic journey.

The music video for Rane was created using a combination of scanning technique and stop-motion animation. It was directed by Edin Suljić, with production credited jointly to Ana Joksović and Edin. An impressive collection of over 3000 authentic scans required a great deal of dedication and careful craftsmanship to achieve the unique character of this nearly six-minute music video.

Rane is the first Lelee studio track with Leon Stoilković on drums, but also the last track with keyboardist Blaž Gracar. The song was recorded and mixed by Robi Bulešić at BearTracks Studio in Kočevje. Carl Saff did the mastering.

NEDAMISE – new single by Croatian trio ŽEN

Croatian prog-indie-rock trio ŽEN has released their third new single and music video entitled NEDAMISE and announced their fourth studio album named 'Ciklus' to be released in June this year by slovenian label Moonlee Records.

The song describes the resilience of individuals who find themselves in an unfavorable and demotivating position within a particular relationship and in society in general. What may appear as resignation at first glance actually depicts resistance against everything that is demotivating, and a conscious decision not to conform to the expectations of others, but to remain true to ourselves.

The single NEDAMISE is the first release by ŽEN in the new lineup – at the end of 2022 Eva Badanjak and Sara Ercegović were joined by Jelena Božić on bass and vocals.

Just like the previous two singles, this one was also recorded by the band themselves in their Tralala studio, with Eva Badanjak as head of production. The mix was done by Saša Rajković - Zarkoff, with whom the band has been collaborating for several years, especially since the album Sunčani ljudi. Dutch producer Martijn Tyrell is credited for the mastering.

SEINE released conceptual music video: Zakaj?

After releasing two singles from their third album 'Naizust' (Moonlee Records, Vox Project) the Zagreb based trio SEINE released the third single and music video 'Zakaj', announcing the upcoming concerts at the MENT Ljubljana festival and Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb.

The music video for the song 'Zakaj' (in english: Why) is the first video by the band that was not produced by Marina Uzelac but was instead independently produced in a DIY manner. With this, SEINE are closing the 'Naizust' chapter and dedicating themselves to working on a new album.

SEINE is a project by Ivan Ščapec, which became a band in 2016. The current members are Dimitrij Petrović, Vatroslav Živković, and Ivan Ščapec. So far, they have released three full-length albums for the Slovenian label Moonlee Records and have played more than 200 live concerts.

Take a Breath with Gazorpazorp's New Single

Energetic Serbian post-punkers Gazorpazorp are kicking off the new year with a new single and music video for the song 'Dišemo zajedno', announcing their upcoming debut full-length album set to come out later this year.

The music video for their new single 'Dišemo zajedno' is the work of Vladislav Andrejević and Nastasja Latković. Gazorpazorp are straightforward about their new song: "With this song, we celebrate the moments of togetherness and freedom that happen during our live performances, and we dedicate it to our audience. We have more in store, stay tuned and see you soon!"

Malolije - new music video by Croatian trip-hop trio SEINE

Croatian trip-hop introverts SEINE have released a new music video for the song 'Malolije', directed by Marina Uzelac and featuring the famous Serbian actor Bane Trifunović.

'Malolije' is the second single from the critically acclaimed album 'Naizust', released in 2022 on Moonlee Records and Vox Project, which topped many of the best album of the year lists. The music video is the result of a crowdfunding campaign Signed Collection, organised in collaboration with webportal Ravnododna, in which the band's fans supported the production of the video by buying their vinyls, thus funding the making of the video.

The video was shot in Pančevo, Serbia, and shows a meteorologist (played by Serbian actor Bane Trifunović) in a world where it never rains, even though the weather forecast is always predicting rain. See how the meteorologist deals with the situation in the video.

Seine tour dates:
7.9.2023 @ Zagreb, VIB (HR) – Eine
20.9.2023 @ Beograd, Dok'n'Ritam (RS – Eine
5.10.2023 @ Ljubljana, Gromka (SI)
6.10.2023 @ Maribor, Vetrinski Dvor (SI)
20.10.2023 @ Beograd, Kvaka 22 (RS)
21.10.2023 @ Osijek, Slamanje (HR)

Lelee with new single and video 'Snaga'

Lelee, the local heroes of the Adriatic indie-rock sound from Slovenia, are entering the new school year at full strength – with a new single and music video Snaga, which was released on Monday, 28.8.2023 for the Slovenian label Moonlee Records.

Lelee dedicates their new song to all the women of the world, and also to all those who feel this way. Snaga (translation: 'Strength') is a kind of hymn to the more beautiful, but by no means weaker gender, that celebrates chaos, enpowers and questions the generally accepted standards of beauty.

Inspired by the documentary film Gap-Toothed Women by the cult American director Les Blank, the band created the song literally in one breath. Lelee recorded the new single in Cosmosonics Studio in Ljubljana, with the help of Uroš Milkić as a producer, with whom they already collaborated on their debut album 'Čuka bije pumpa' (Moonlee Records, Ill in the Head Records, 2021). The music video was recorded and edited by Lelee in a do-it-yourself spirit, and with the permission of the director's family video footage from the documentary was also used in the video.

A celebration of beauty and happiness, in which the instruments intertwine and the vocals encourage each other - this is the main idea of this powerful and at the same time tender song, which Lelee deliver like a heart on a plate.

Lelee tour dates:
1.9.2023 @ Ljubljana, Kino Šiška – Festival Tresk (SI)
2.9.2023 @ Novo mesto, Pank u mestu (SI)
1.11.2023 @ Beograd, KC Grad (RS)
2.11.2023 @ Bitola, tba (MK)
3.11.2023 @ Skopje, MKC (MK)
4.11.2023 @ Kragujevac, SKC (RS)
5.11.2023 @ Niš, Feedback (RS)

Lelee’s New Video for Their Latest Single Nestaješ

Slovenian indie-rock/post-punk band Lelee returns with a new single and music video for Nestaješ, released on Slovenian independent label Moonlee Records. The music video was directed by Ivana Ljubičić, a multimedia artist based in Zagreb.

Nestaješ is a true odyssey of fading love and suffering done the Balkan way. The psychedelic indie sound, reminiscent of regionally distinctive etno melodies and irregular rhythms, will take you on a trip through the rocky Balkans, where emotions run high, languages intertwine and everyone lives as if there is no tomorrow. Imagine if King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard got lost on their European tour and ended up in a tiny tavern in the middle of nowhere, got drunk with Vlatko Stefanovski while Altin Gün was playing on the radio – that’s exactly where you’d find Nestaješ, the latest song by Ljubljana’s Lelee.

The music video was directed by the Zagreb-based multimedia artist Ivana Ljubičić, a master of glitch and digital collage art working under the monikers Amio Mon and faded code. The director’s approach plus the band’s quirky energy turned out to be a match made in heaven, the result of which is a video full of shimmering visual effects, colours and raw emotion galore. Quite psychedelic indeed.

Lelee are set to debut the new single live at MENT festival in Ljubljana, on thursday, March 30 at Gala Hala.

Koncert ŽMOHT Hrupa z Nikki Louder in Auto @ Gromka, 30.9.

Mr. Moonlee predstavlja ŽMOHT hrupa:

NIKKI LOUDER – promocija novega albuma

petek, 30.9.2022
Klub Gromka, Ljubljana

vrata: 20:00; koncert: 20:30
vstopnina: 10 EUR
FB dogodek

Letošnjo drugo izvedbo festivala ŽMOHT 2022 zaženemo gromoglasno!

Domači noise rock favoriti NIKKI LOUDER se vračajo z novim, petim dolgometražnim albumom 'Ostani čista in kulturna', ki je izšel konec septembra za domačo založbo Moonlee Records. Kamniška trojka vztraja pri svojem značilnem glasbenem izrazu – udaren in bučen zvočni zid, ki ga premika kotaleča ritmična podlaga, skozenj režejo ostre in disonantne kitare ter bevskajoči vokali, kar skupaj tvori silovit in brezkompromisen zvočni izbruh s prepoznavnim podpisom Nikki Louder, ki je na novem materialo še nekoliko bolj eksperimentalen in kaotičen kot prej. Dodatna novost so vokali v slovenskem jeziku, kar je dobrodošla in osvežujoča nova dimenzija benda. In za konec še najpomembnejše, Nikki Louder so fantastičen live band. Hrup means noise!

Za ogrevanje bodo poskrbeli stari znanci domačih odrov v novi preobleki – trojec AUTO, ki riše kroge na razpotju med krautrockom, space-surfom in garage-noiseom.

Po koncertu sledi after z DJ USB.

Trate – noisy new Nikki Louder single

Slovenian noise rock champions Nikki Louder enter the summer noisly - with the new, second single 'Trate' from the upcoming album 'Ostani čista in kulturna', which will be released in September 2022 for Moonlee Records.

Nikki Louder – Trate – download/stream

What does the new Novi Louder single deliver? If 'Internet teles', the opening single of the upcoming album, surprised and confused many listeners, the single 'Trate' put things in place. The song delivers a greasy wall-of-sound, driven by a rolling rhythmic base, through which sharp and dissonant guitars break through, topped by howling vocals, which altogether create a violent and uncompromising sonic attack with Nikki Louder's signature. The novelty, which also characterizes the entire upcoming album, is the vocals in the Slovenian language, which is a welcome and refreshing new dimension of the band.

Dvojni promocijski koncert Moveknowledgement in Seine na letnem vrtu Gala Hala

Moonlee Records predstavlja dvojni promocijski koncert:

SEINE (hr)

Ljubljana, Gala Hala – Letni vrt
Sobota, 14.5.2022 ob 20:00

FB dogodek
- 12 EUR (predprodaja - na in prodajnih mestih v sistemu
- 15 EUR (dan koncerta)

Mr. Records na letnem vrtu Gala Hale predstavlja dvojno koncertno promocijo novih albumov domačih alter starešin Moveknowledgement in hrvaških posebnežev Seine.

Moveknowlegdement se po petletki zatišja vračajo z novo postavo, novo zvočno podobo, novo vizijo, novo založbo in novim albumom 'Lying Cobra'. Še bolj psihadelično, še bolj zatripano zasanjano, in še bolj razplesano.

Družbo na odru jim bodo delali hrvaški Seine, glasbeno verjetno najbolj samosvoj in potenten trio v širši regiji, ki na svoji najnovejši plošči 'Naizust' svoj glasbeni izraz še dodatno zavrtinči in začara.

Koncert z vrhunsko dvojno dozo sanjavosti in neulovljivosti.

Croatian trio Seine spits out new album Naizust

Croatian trio Seine, one of the most original regional acts of the past half decade, returns with the third album 'Naizust', out on Friday, 22.4.2022 on Moonlee Records and Vox Project, delving deep into his whispery yet all-absorbing take on trip-pop mysticism. The album is now available on CD and in digital format, while the vinyl release is coming out in the fall.

SEINE - Naizust: download // stream // CD

If the debut 'Sno sna' (2017) was a strummy indie punk affair and its follow-up '22' (2019) bet on anxious and noisy trip-hop sonics, the new LP boldly steers towards stripped back arrangements and much calmer atmospherics while showcasing an even more pronounced pop sensibility.

Dropping the acoustic guitar for a DAW, most of the record is built from a modest sound palette of synthetic beats, floaty synths, off-kilter basslines and occasional guitar licks, esoteric feedback and Ivan’s unearthly androgynous voice that immediately swallows you whole. Acoustic drums sometimes blend with subdued digital claps and kicks while Ivan’s subtle vocal harmonies float on top of enigmatic melodic lines.

Hardly comparable to any other recent release, 'Naizust' provides a convincing riposte to a global music scene ever more obsessed with rehashing and hackneyed nostalgia where describing someone as authentic almost feels like an insult. With their new album, Seine confirms the status of one of the bravest and freakiest punk bands of the generation.

Seine's promotional shows in the region:
14.5.2022 @ Ljubljana, Gala Hala (SI) – double release party with Moveknowledgement
21.5.2022 @ Beograd, Kvaka 22 (RS)
27.5.2022 @ Zagreb, KSET (HR)

Pagan Ways – Moveknowledgement's new single

Slovenian alt rock icons Moveknowledgement are presenting already their second new single 'Pagan Ways', announcing their upcoming album 'Lying Cobra', which will be released on April 15th 2022 for the slovenian record label Moonlee Records.

Pagan Ways – download/stream

What does Moveknowledgement have to say about the new single?
“The Clash of the Worlds has finally wiped us into a rabbit hole! What will happen when Alice takes us back to Wonderland? Will we fall into a whirlwind of sensual pleasures imbued with pagan innocence, or will an unspoiled kaleidoscopic landscape await us at the bottom, hungry for our bodies?”

Moveknowledgement are also already announcing the concert promotion of the new album, which will take place on May 14, 2022 at the Gala Hala in Ljubljana, Slovenia. At the concert, they will be accompanied by Croatian trio Seine, who will also present their new album 'Naizust'. Double album promotion at its best.
Facebook event

Will Seine keep their Word...

With the new single and music video 'Riječ', the Croatian elusive trio Seine are announcing their new, third full-length album 'Naizust', which will be released on April 22, 2022 for Moonlee Records and Vox Project.

video / Bandcamp / stream

The inspiration for the video ‘Riječ’ (translation: Word) is the thought that words are the door that leads from one to the other. The is therefore set in a horror-house, where fantastic scenes are set, in which members of the Belgrade bands KOIKOI, Turisti and Jarboli perform. The video was shot in Belgrade in the production of Fikus Film, and was directed by Marina Uzelac, who also shot all previous Seine's videos.

Seine is also using the opportunity to announce the first promotional shows:
14.5.2022 @ Ljubljana, Gala Hala (SI)
21.5.2022 @ Beograd, Kvaka 22 (RS)
27.5.2022 @ Zagreb, KSET (HR)

Moveknowledgement present first single from upcoming comeback album

Following a five-year hiatus, the celebrated Slovenian alt rock outfit Moveknowledgement joins forces with Moonlee Records to present the music video for the new single ‘My Left Foot’ from their upcoming comeback album 'Lying Cobra' to be released in April 2022. New sound, new label and new vision!

The video for the single ‘My Left Foot’, directed by Marko Cvejić, encapsulates the analog warmth and retrofuturist character of their upcoming album. Marked by a relentless motorik beat, multiple layers of glowing synths and hovering vocal harmonies, ‘My Left Foot’ invites you on a hypnotic drive in the left-hand lane of the newest section of the krautrock autobahn.

“We found the vocals for the song in an old dusty chest. They were lying next to some washed out jeans that my mother had bought in Trieste. We heard that some really wild dancing used to take place there before they banned it altogether. After three attempts, we managed to squeeze out those utterly washed out chords from a dried up blotter and the machine finally warmed up,” says the band in a mysterious tone.

Born just before the new millennium, Moveknowledgement left a mark on the regional music scene with their memorable live performances and critically acclaimed albums 'Listen to Nebukadnezar' (2007), 'Pumpdown!!!' (2011) and 'See' (2014) on which they inventively fused elements of rap rock, electronica, post-punk and dub. The band has always been considered as one of the most authentic Slovenian acts of the 21st century, performing at all the major regional festivals and clubs and selling out Ljubljana’s main concert hall Kino Šiška. 

In 2017, the quintet unexpectedly announced a hiatus. However, now they are back in the new line-up Dejan Slak (bass), David Cvelbar (drums), Uroš Weinberger (lyrics, songwriter, guitar, vocals) and Miha Šajina (songwriter, producer, sound design, synths, vocals), and without former singer Miha Blažič – N'toko. 

With a new single Moveknowledgement nvites you to a dance you cannot refuse.

Gazorpazorp with animated music video – 'Outro'

Young serbian post-punk band Gazorpazorp presents new music video 'Outro', already fourth single/music video from their latest EP ‘Od vazduha i sunca’.

Animated music video is result of cooperation between friends – music video was edited by Ilija Petrović, while Nikola Mijailović did the animations. Ilija described the music video as: »Outro is my favourite song from Gazorpazorp's album, because there is lots of music in it. Music that is very playful, therefore we did a music video as animation, contributed by my friend Nikola.« Playfullness!

Next step? To 'bring back tenderness in town' ('Vratite nežnost u grad') and with it round up and conclude the story of 'Od vazduha i sunca' EP. And then to impatiently wait for new musical adventures of one of the most potent young bands from Belgrade.

Čudo – Lelee's new music video

Slovenian playful indie/post-punk band Lelee presents new music video for single 'Čudo' from their debut album 'Čuka bije pumpa' (Moonlee Records / Ill in the Head Records), which was directed by the Serbian artist Miloš Tomić.

Miloš Tomić is multimedia artist and filmmaker, who was the Serbian representative at the Venice Biennialle in 2013. He directed many music videos for artists from the region (Repetitor, Jarboli, Vlada Divljan, Klopka za pionira...).

How has Miloš seen the making of the music video? »'Čudo' (Miracle) is a bouquet of selected diary and voyeuristic scenes that I have been observing and hunting at every turn for some time already. Such diverse material is accumulating spontaneously, but with an experienced nose for the little things, details, scintillas, moments that are part of our everyday lives.... Imagine a river flowing through the nature, villages and big, dirty cities that brings me everything it collects on the way or is incidentally thrown into it. From such colorful waste I put together a video mosaic inspired by the rhythm, energy and lyrics of the song 'Čudo'.«

Lelee on Balkan tour

Lelee is heading on Balkan tour to promote their debut album 'Čuka bije pumpa'!

Tour dates:
29.09.2021 @ Maribor, Vetrinjski dvor – StopTrik Festival (FB event)
30.09.2021 @ Zagreb, KSET (FB event)
01.10.2021 @ Skopje, MKC – 30 godini Kanal 103 (FB event)
02.10.2021 @ Beograd, Kvaka 22 (FB event)
09.10.2021 @ Rijeka, Beertija – Impulse Festival (FB event)
22.10.2021 @ Nova Gorica, Mostovna (FB event)

'Čuka bije pumpa' – debut album by Lelee

Mr. Moonlee presents debut album 'Čuka bije pumpa' by slovenian indie / post-punk trio Lelee, which was released on June 18th 2021 by Moonlee Records and Ill in the Head Records in CD and digital format. Vinyl version of the album will be released in autumn.

Lelee - Čuka bije pumpa
download / stream / CD

Lelee's debut album ‘Čuka bije pumpa’ brings forth prominent male-female harmonies à la Yo La Tengo that stay ingrained in your memory for a long time. In their songs, you can catch references to the pioneering unpolished sound of veterans, such as Dinosaur Jr. and The Pixies, contemporary indie punk ambassadors like Sweeping Promises and Uranium Club, easy-going jangle pop and Yugoslav new wave. Despite age differences between band members they share a sincere fondness for sounds from recent indie history, which they shape into a contemporary expression for the modern listener. Lelee’s music is a kind of imaginary Adriatic indie rock that is emotive, sincere and straightforward, tailored for alternative as well as mainstream audiences looking for fresh music. And despite its slightly retro character, Lelee's debut ‘Čuka bije pumpa’ couldn’t have been created anywhere else and never before.

Lelee will promote new album live intensely in the following months:
18.6.2021 @ Maribor, Pekarna (FB event)
29.7.2021 @ Ljubljana, Gala Hala – Letni vrt (FB event)
More tour dates to be announced.

Lelee delivers new single – Ništavilo

Slovenian indie/post-punk trio Lelee presents 'Ništavilo', second single from upcoming debut album 'Čuka bije pumpa', which is to be released on June 18th 2021 by Moonlee Records and Ill in the Head Records.

The second single 'Ništavilo' transports you into melancholically playful and dreamingly jiggle adventure, in which Damjan Manevski (Rush To Relax, Molokai) guitar jangles joyously, Jelena Rusjan (Borghesia, TRUS!) delivers bass lines that make your toes itch, while Jan Kmet (balans, Kalu) makes sure that everything is tight, resulting in a perfect soundtrack for lazy afternoons in the summer garden.

Lelee - NIštavilo
download / stream

Just as on the first single 'Kopnež' there is a collaboration between Lelee and guest musician – this time it is Andrej Fon (Olfamož, Svojat, etc), who added saxophone lines and a jocular vibe to the track. Since it seems that collaboration is maybe one of the hidden agenda of the upcoming album let's reveal another one. Ilustrations for upcoming album and artwork for the single 'Ništavilo' are done by slovenian visual artist Leon Zuodar – Lele. Lelee meets Lele!

Even prior to album release Lelee will present their songs live on MENT Ljubljana, where they are scheduled to play on Monday, 7.6.2021. More tour dates will be annouced soon.