Trate – noisy new Nikki Louder single

Slovenian noise rock champions Nikki Louder enter the summer noisly - with the new, second single 'Trate' from the upcoming album 'Ostani čista in kulturna', which will be released in September 2022 for Moonlee Records.

Nikki Louder – Trate – download/stream

What does the new Novi Louder single deliver? If 'Internet teles', the opening single of the upcoming album, surprised and confused many listeners, the single 'Trate' put things in place. The song delivers a greasy wall-of-sound, driven by a rolling rhythmic base, through which sharp and dissonant guitars break through, topped by howling vocals, which altogether create a violent and uncompromising sonic attack with Nikki Louder's signature. The novelty, which also characterizes the entire upcoming album, is the vocals in the Slovenian language, which is a welcome and refreshing new dimension of the band.

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