Rane – new single and video by Lelee

Energetic Slovenian indie-rock band Lelee presents new single and music video Rane, released on Friday, March 15th 2024, on the Slovenian label Moonlee Records. The music video was made by Bosnian photographer Edin Suljić.

Rane is an anthemic song in the distinctive Lelee style, characterized by tiki-taka passes between interwoven vocal melodies and colorful instrumental solos. The song draws you into a whirlwind of tenderly resonant and painful love musings, culminating into an unbreakable feeling where 'nothing hurts me anymore'. A beautiful and chatartic sonic journey.

The music video for Rane was created using a combination of scanning technique and stop-motion animation. It was directed by Edin Suljić, with production credited jointly to Ana Joksović and Edin. An impressive collection of over 3000 authentic scans required a great deal of dedication and careful craftsmanship to achieve the unique character of this nearly six-minute music video.

Rane is the first Lelee studio track with Leon Stoilković on drums, but also the last track with keyboardist Blaž Gracar. The song was recorded and mixed by Robi Bulešić at BearTracks Studio in Kočevje. Carl Saff did the mastering.

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