NEDAMISE – new single by Croatian trio ŽEN

Croatian prog-indie-rock trio ŽEN has released their third new single and music video entitled NEDAMISE and announced their fourth studio album named 'Ciklus' to be released in June this year by slovenian label Moonlee Records.

The song describes the resilience of individuals who find themselves in an unfavorable and demotivating position within a particular relationship and in society in general. What may appear as resignation at first glance actually depicts resistance against everything that is demotivating, and a conscious decision not to conform to the expectations of others, but to remain true to ourselves.

The single NEDAMISE is the first release by ŽEN in the new lineup – at the end of 2022 Eva Badanjak and Sara Ercegović were joined by Jelena Božić on bass and vocals.

Just like the previous two singles, this one was also recorded by the band themselves in their Tralala studio, with Eva Badanjak as head of production. The mix was done by Saša Rajković - Zarkoff, with whom the band has been collaborating for several years, especially since the album Sunčani ljudi. Dutch producer Martijn Tyrell is credited for the mastering.

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