Lelee with new single and video 'Snaga'

Lelee, the local heroes of the Adriatic indie-rock sound from Slovenia, are entering the new school year at full strength – with a new single and music video Snaga, which was released on Monday, 28.8.2023 for the Slovenian label Moonlee Records.

Lelee dedicates their new song to all the women of the world, and also to all those who feel this way. Snaga (translation: 'Strength') is a kind of hymn to the more beautiful, but by no means weaker gender, that celebrates chaos, enpowers and questions the generally accepted standards of beauty.

Inspired by the documentary film Gap-Toothed Women by the cult American director Les Blank, the band created the song literally in one breath. Lelee recorded the new single in Cosmosonics Studio in Ljubljana, with the help of Uroš Milkić as a producer, with whom they already collaborated on their debut album 'Čuka bije pumpa' (Moonlee Records, Ill in the Head Records, 2021). The music video was recorded and edited by Lelee in a do-it-yourself spirit, and with the permission of the director's family video footage from the documentary was also used in the video.

A celebration of beauty and happiness, in which the instruments intertwine and the vocals encourage each other - this is the main idea of this powerful and at the same time tender song, which Lelee deliver like a heart on a plate.

Lelee tour dates:
1.9.2023 @ Ljubljana, Kino Šiška – Festival Tresk (SI)
2.9.2023 @ Novo mesto, Pank u mestu (SI)
1.11.2023 @ Beograd, KC Grad (RS)
2.11.2023 @ Bitola, tba (MK)
3.11.2023 @ Skopje, MKC (MK)
4.11.2023 @ Kragujevac, SKC (RS)
5.11.2023 @ Niš, Feedback (RS)

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