Repetitor, a garage rock/post-punk trio from Belgrade, Serbia, are undoubtedly one of the most prominent young bands from the Balkans. With their three albums Sve što vidim je prvi put (Odličan Hrčak, 2008), Dobrodošli na okean (Moonlee Records, 2012)  and Gde ćeš (Moonlee Records, 2016) Repetitor simply topped the charts, got nothing but rave reviews and with their highly-energetic live shows, quickly broadened their fan base. Repetitor played numerous shows all over the Balkans, did 4 european tours, appeared on the many festivals all around Europe (Sziget, Exit, Eurosonic, Pohoda, Europavox, Rock For People, Loftas, Stereoleto, INmusic, Waves Vienna, Botanique, etc), and even China and Moscow.
Repetitor faithfully carved their signature sound, a blend of heavy rock'n'roll, post-punk and everything in between. They deliver songs of cross-genre ecstasy, packed in a powerful, rocking-your-guts-out interplay of instruments, vocals and the distinctive wall of sound they create together. Attempts to find a direct musical influence may prove to be a difficult task, but an attentive listener will recognise similarities with variety of bands, from early Mudhoney, Šarlo Akrobata, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Pixies and early Nirvana all the way to Black Sabbath or even Suicide. That may sound irreconcilable at first, but Repetitor do it with ease and bring a sonic experience that could hardly be more enjoyable.
Repetitor definitely represent the best of Belgrade’s alternative garage rock scene. Perhaps it’s a bit too early, but not at all exaggerated, to say that they are steadily becoming a part of some yet unwritten chapter on rock history and culture from the region. Given the recognition and the influence they already have, we can expect the chapter to be written, sooner than later.
»They make you fall in love with guitar rock all over again and are arguably the best guitar band on the planet right now. They are the 21st Century Nirvana who have come to save rock.« (John Robb, Louder Then War)
 »Easily the most exciting band I saw during the whole festival were Serbia’s Repetitior, a noise-core trio in the METZ mould, only rawer, louder and five times as furious... «  (Marc Burrows, Drowned In Sound) 
»It's chaotic, and they are angry – not in a faking it for the music kind of way, they are really fucking angry.« (Lauren Down, The Line of Best Fit)

Upcoming shows

  • 20.06.2017 @ Inmusic Festival, Zagreb (HR)
  • 04.08.2017 @ Unknown venue, Dakovo (HR)
  • 24.02.2017 @ MC Kompleks, Ravne Na Koroskem (SI)
  • 25.02.2017 @ Baza 13, Kočevje (SI)
  • 18.08.2017 @ Hoomstock 2017, Hum na Sutli (HR)

Repetitor - Sve što vidim je prvi put

Sve što vidim je prvi put

Repetitor - Prazan prostor među nama koji može i da ne postoji

Prazan prostor među nama koji može i da ne postoji

Repetitor - Gde ćeš

Gde ćeš

Repetitor - Dobrodošli na okean

Dobrodošli na okean




Years active

2005 - present


  • Boris Vlastelica - vocals, guitar
  • Ana-Marija Cupin - bass, vocals
  • Milena Milutinović - drums, vocals