Storms are an instrumental rock / post-rock band that formed in Zagreb, Croatia in early 2009 from the roots of those innovative Croatian groups such as Don't Mess With Texas, Amok, Nikad, Radio Free Isaac and Lunar, among many other Croatian indie / hardcore / punk bands. When Don't Mess With Texas disbanded, three members continued playing music as Storms, consisting of Slobich (bass guitar), Sasha (guitar) and Neven (drums). 

Their only release "We Are Storms" (Moonlee Records, 2011) is a nice little collection of ten explosive all-instrumental compositions, ranging from dreamy melodies and emotional breaks to guitar madness and pumping bass riffs, backed up by a noisy atmosphere and driving, open drum rhythms. Pretty interesting and straightforward music, if we may add – no endless intros or boring soundscapes that go nowhere and make you say "are they gonna start playing now?" – just direct, in-your-head tracks that rarely go past the four minute mark. Post-rock at it's best. You dig the new Mogwai record, just to make a realistic comparison? Then you will LOVE Storms!

Storms - We Are Storms

We Are Storms




Postrock, alternative, instrumental rock

Years active

2009 - present


  • Neven Kamenski - drums
  • Saša Relić - guitar
  • Slobodan Alavanja - bass