Punkrock combo Xaxaxa ('hahaha' in cyrillic alphabet) from Skopje, Macedonia, is formed by members from Bernays Propaganda, and it comes as no surprice that they have similar attitute – releasing records at a steady pace and lots of touring. However, musically Xaxaxa offer fast, melodic, gut rocking tracks in the best manner of Hüsker Dü, Dag Nasty, Wipers and Rites of Spring – an awesome retro flashback to the eighties, but nevertheless sounding very fresh, and carrying a similar message throughout their songs (vocals are sung in macedonian).

Their third album entitled »Sami maži  i ženi« deliver 8 new songs, and it sounds a bit different - in the best sense possible. Xaxaxa retained their signature retro punk-rock sound, but managed to shift it towards a little more indie-rock influenced territory. The songs became a few BPMs slower, definitely more melancholic, and even a bit more melodic. What really separates this album from its predecessors, is the way Vasko's vocals are placed in the overall soundscape, giving the whole album a certain atmospheric feel and a floating vibe that perfectly match the subtle melodic changes brought by the underlying instrumentation. All in all, Xaxaxa still offer exciting music that breaks out of the expected constraints of the genre.

Xaxaxa - Sami maži i ženi

Sami maži i ženi

Xaxaxa - Siromašni i bogati

Siromašni i bogati

Xaxaxa - Tango revolucioner

Tango revolucioner




Punkrock, indie, post-punk

Years active

2009 - 2016


  • Vasko Atanasoski - guitar, vocals
  • Deni Krstev - guitar
  • Nenad Trifunovski - bass
  • Dzano Kuch - drums