Sonic Tactic - new Žen's single/video to announce their new album

Croatian all-girl post-rock band ŽEN revealed video for brand new song 'Sonična taktika', first single from upcoming album 'Sunčani ljudi', which will be released on November 22nd 2017 on Moonlee Records, Vox Project and Unrecords.

Žen explained background story of the video:
''A video for the song is a sort of a homage to those games of light, shadows and colours which our dear VJ Tanja Minarik used to form and shape our music in live performances. After seven colourful and animated years, because of her moving to another continent, Tanja unfortunately won't be performing with us live on concerts anymore - but our collaboration continues across the ocean. For this song, Tanja has recorded and documented long-lasting processes, such as germination and icing, which we often do not have the time and patience to follow from start to finish, and fine details, like the human eye, or diffusion of colour in microscopic bubbles of liquids.

In the spirit of this idea, an Israeli filmmaker, cameraman and photographer Senny Rapoport directed and filmed the second layer of this video, using a DIA projector to create active patterns that were merging and dissolving, projected on our bodies / faces and moving objects in space. The video was filmed in the rooms of Film Studio, AKC Medika, and was designed and edited by Senny Rapoport.''

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