1, 2, 3... '22' - new Seine album out now!

Croatian freak-folk-punk-trip-hop duo Seine released their 2nd album entitled '22' on Moonlee Records and Vox Project on May 6th 2019. It is available on CD, in digital format on all music streaming platforms (including Bandcamp “free download”), while the vinyl version is coming in July (pre-order here).

The new album from Seine, one of Croatia’s most ingenious bands of the moment, is an electrifying genre-defying sonic journey full of sardonic humour and 100% authentic musical expression on the fringes of contemporary rock music.

Seine – 22: CD / LP (pre-order) / Bandcamp / Deezer / Spotify / Apple Music

Seine's 2nd album '22' brings forth an amorphous genre-bending sound, combining elements of noise and alternative rock, trip hop and no wave with sporadic cabaret undertones. The pair continues its exploration of the intriguing, ill-lighted and downtempo moods that have defined their debut while putting a new emphasis on dissonance and atonality. ‘22’ showcases intricate arrangements and muscular instrumentation, its seven hook-laden tracks slowly drifting through melancholy waters. The electrified acoustic guitar and drum set are still the backbone, but they have expanded their sonic palette with piercing electronic textures, classical instruments samples and driving polyrhythms. The resulting leftfield grooves engage the listener in a noisy introspective dance.

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