Croatian trio Seine returns with the third album "Naizust" delving deep into his whispery yet all-absorbing take on trip-pop mysticism.

If the debut "Sno sna" (2017) was a strummy indie punk affair and its follow-up "22" (2019) bet on anxious and noisy trip-hop sonics, the new LP boldly steers towards stripped back arrangements and much calmer atmospherics while showcasing an even more pronounced pop sensibility.

Dropping the acoustic guitar for a DAW, most of the record is built from a modest sound palette of synthetic beats, floaty synths, off-kilter basslines and guitar licks, esoteric feedback and Ivan’s unearthly androgynous voice that immediately swallows you whole. Acoustic drums sometimes blend with subdued digital claps and kicks while subtle vocal harmonies float on top of enigmatic melodic lines.

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trip hop, singer songwriter, post-punk

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