The Ass-Soul Of Psycho-Path

With its peculiar brand of alternative rock revolving around the female singer’s charismatically haunting voice, the Slovenian quintet PSYCHO-PATH is a formidable underground force second to none. Take the gaiety of Girls Against Boys and other similar bands with unfading rock riffs, pack it into layers of guitar walls-of- sound, and juxtapose them with the tense and groovy delivery of the rhythm section. The very gist of PSYCHO-PATH, though, lies in Melee’s impressive, diva-like vocal character. ‘The Ass-Soul of Psycho-Path’ hits without pretensions — it is heavy, eclectic, honest, and sweaty guitar-driven alt rock. The album was recorded with the new line up; the result is their most varied and accessible release to date. It also features Scott Bennet from Brian Wilson’s band, who also worked with the Flaming Lips, Filter, The Smashing Pumpkins, and other bands, on back vocals. Finally, we must also mention the remarkably aesthetic album cover including a 16-page booklet. Another sexy and sonically heavy delivery from one of Slovenia’s finest!

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Alternative rock, indie rock

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