Formed in Zagreb (Croatia), in 2010, audio-visual band ŽEN combines intricate arrangments and immersive live visuals to create a fully authentic shoegaze post rock experience. ŽEN playfully dissects gender stereotypes and connects the boundaries of audio and visual art, evoking journeys through vocal harmonization submerged in a progressive symbiosis of guitar, bass, drums and synths. If we were to try to define them by genre, the closest we would get is a complex form of indie-rock, informed by various style and genre characteristics ranging from post-rock to shoegaze, math-rock, vintage synthwave and experimental electronics.

Their debut album 'I onda je sve počelo' was released in May 2013 under the queer feminist label Unrecords from Vienna, Austria. Second album 'Jantar', released in August 2015, is coproduction between two labels, Austrian Unrecords and Vox Project from France. ŽEN has played numerous concerts and gained a loyal audience in the wider European region. They’ve played in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Italy, Denmark and Sweden.

In 2017 joined forces with Moonlee Records and in November 2017 their third album 'Sunčani ljudi' was released. 

Upcoming shows

  • 03.02.2017 @ Unknown venue, Ljubljana (SI)
  • 01.04.2017 @ Kultuuriklubi Kelm, Tallinn (EE)
  • 14.04.2017 @ Mc Kotlovnica, Kamnik (SI)
  • 25.03.2017 @ Tabakfabrik, Passau (DE)
  • 27.03.2017 @ British Rock Stars, Bratislava (SK)

ŽEN - Blender


ŽEN - I onda je sve počelo

I onda je sve počelo

ŽEN - Sunčani ljudi

Sunčani ljudi


Zagreb, Croatia


post-rock, electronic

Years active

2010 - present


  • Eva Badanjak - electric guitar, keys, vocals
  • Sara Ercegović - drums, synths, vocals
  • Ivona Ivković - bass guitar, synths, vocals
  • Tanja Minarik - live visuals