Course Over Ground

COG is a dynamic “rock meets noise” trio from Osijek, Croatia. Think of Shellac’s rawness and edginess. and blend it with Slint’s zeal and fervor. It feels as if it has taken them forever for the COG sound to take form and establish them as the best indie noise band in Croatia. Yet, one has to agree with the proverb “patience is virtue”, especially in the case of COG. Their new record ‘CourseOverGround’ is going to shake you up so hard you will feel like you are on fire; not only for the fact that their bass player is an actual pyrotechnician, but also because the LP with its combination killer off-kilter beats, eardrum-rupturing bass lines, and harsh guitar noise sounds like the burning of a grimy amusement park. Being one of the most astounding live acts hailing from the Balkans, it is utterly recommendable to see COG in their natural habitat on stage. Where they’ll go next is anyone’s guess, but their first full-length moves are attention grabbing in the extreme.

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Noise rock

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Shellac, Slint